William Schultz

While still in college, Will joined dice.com, an Internet recruiting company for high-tech jobs. Starting with responsibilities in marketing the company, Will transitioned to develop and code websites. He has since owned several businesses dealing with Internet publishing and domain names—providing real-world industry experience to his clients in addition to his legal experience.

Will’s practice focuses on trademark and patent litigation, with a particular emphasis on software patent litigation and disputes related to the Internet, domain names and keyword advertising.  In addition to district court litigation, Will has extensive experience with ICANN arbitration proceedings relating to domain names and Inter Partes Review and Reexamination proceedings relating to software and other hi-tech patents. He was named a top filer by the National Arbitration Association for 2013.

Will also manages copyright litigation disputes and advises clients on methods to protect source code, books, and music. He has authored several articles and presented seminars regarding software patent litigation, keyword advertising, Internet trademark surveys, and protecting author’s online intellectual property rights.

Because of his entrepreneurial bent (having started his first two businesses, a photography service and a produce garden, in high school), Will looks at legal issues through a business lens. He asks clients to define a goal or a value in pursuing or protecting intellectual property, and he enjoys coming up with creative solutions. His ultimate goal is to help his clients’ bottom line and help them succeed.

At Merchant & Gould, Will serves on the recruitment committee and the marketing committee, and he works with the Volunteer Lawyer’s Network doing housing court for low-income clients in need of legal advice.

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