Rachel Hughey
As a litigator, Rachel uses her quick thinking skills in the courtroom to process and respond rapidly to events happening in real time. She’s also spent years honing her writing, focusing on clarity and the craft of distilling complex legal issues into articulate, persuasive briefs. She cares deeply about her clients and makes it her goal to understand what’s important to them so she can pursue the right strategy to meet their goals.Rachel practices intellectual property law with an emphasis on patent litigation and appellate level disputes. Rachel is a key team member involved in all elements of trial, including formulating strategy, preparing briefs and pleadings, handling discovery matters, engaging in oral arguments, managing trial issues, and examining witnesses at trial. Rachel has a technical background in Chemical Engineering, and has experience in a wide variety of fields, including chemical technologies, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, mechanical devices, and software.As a co-chair of the firm’s appellate practice, Rachel is one of the firm’s appellate specialists. She is a former Federal Circuit law clerk, has handled dozens of appeals, and has argued before the Federal Circuit both as the appellant and the appellee. In addition, Rachel leverages her appellate experience by consulting on appellate cases throughout the firm and for other firms. She is often in charge of strategic planning at the trial level for a possible appeal. As a thought leader, Rachel writes extensively on current legal issues and is the author of a law review article on Effective Appellate Advocacy Before the Federal Circuit.As a volunteer attorney for the Advocates for Human Rights, Rachel represents asylum seekers in their appeals to Federal Circuit Courts. In her pro bono representation, she successfully obtained a remand of her client’s immigration case from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.In her spare time, Rachel serves on the editorial boards of two prestigious legal publications. She also writes fiction, knits, swims, and practices yoga.

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