Andrew Lagatta
As an intellectual property lawyer who focuses on patent matters, Andrew enjoys working with large companies to help develop patent portfolios, as well as startup companies and individual inventors who have good ideas, but need a forward-thinking legal strategy that allows them to protect R&D investment and attract investors. He has successfully created IP protection strategies for several start-up companies that match the company’s growth goals and timing.Andrew provides intellectual property counseling, analyzes patentability and clearance issues, and drafts and prosecutes patent applications. He also has extensive experience in both post grant proceedings (ex parte and inter partes) and patent appeals. His litigation experience includes developing infringement, validity, and enforceability positions, as well as preparing briefs and pleadings.Andrew has technical experience in diverse electrical, electronic, and mechanical technology fields, including computer architecture, electronic control systems, medical devices, communications networks and protocols, power distribution systems, database management systems, operating systems, digital content encryption and distribution, and business methods.

Prior to practicing law, Andrew worked for Intel Corporation, where he focused on desktop computer architecture modeling and performance analysis. This experience has helped him in understanding technology issues, as well as day-to-day schedules of inventors and patent counsel, and what they want and need in intellectual property protection.

At Merchant & Gould, Andrew serves on the conflicts committee, and he does pro bono work for non-profit organizations, as well as for low-income inventors through the LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program. He runs, plays golf, and brews beer in his spare time.

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