Andrew Pouzeshi

Andrew knows patents are expensive to file, and he wants his clients to make rather than spend money on them. He is experienced in identifying areas in patent portfolios that can be strengthened and developed, finding new ways to monetize the patents and generate revenues in new areas.

Andrew practices intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, and copyright law. His primary focus is on technology areas related to computer software and hardware, telecommunications, medical devices, mechanical inventions, and financial services.Andrew’s patent prosecution experience includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the United States, drafting appeal briefs, managing the prosecution of international patent applications, and participating in administrative patent challenges proceedings. Andy also has extensive experience in analyzing the strength and scope of coverage of issued patents to help clients get the most value from their patent portfolios and in preparing legal opinions on patent validity and infringement.

Andy’s technical areas of specialty lie in the software and electrical technology space including operating systems (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS), graphics processing, encryption, compression, networking, real-time streaming, databases, conditional access systems, smart cards, distributed computing, antivirus and antimalware, and SaaS applications. In addition, Andy also has experience working with various different standards including H.263, H.264/MPEG-4, VP8, and DVB.

Andrew does pro bono for the Denver Center for Crime Victims, and he plays soccer and spends time with friends and family during his off hours.

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