Andrew Larsen

In helping his clients determine whether and when to get into a market, Andrew’s goal is to prepare a comprehensive legal opinion that gives his clients the ability to make confident, well-informed decisions.Andrew is an associate in Merchant & Gould’s New York office. He focuses his practice on freedom-to-operate and validity investigations, infringement analysis, due diligence, and patent procurement in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and chemical sciences. Andrew also provides litigation support.

He has an extensive background in the areas of organic, organometallic, and polymer chemistry, and has written and prosecuted patent applications in these and other areas in the United States and abroad.

Prior to joining Merchant & Gould, Andrew was a patent agent at an intellectual property law firm in New York. He was also a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at Boston College, where he developed new methods in catalytic and enantioselective organic synthesis, which have since been applied to the total synthesis of complex natural product targets. During his graduate work at The University of North Carolina, Andrew developed new approaches to asymmetric synthesis using polymer supported early and late transition metal-based catalyst systems and the concept of molecular imprinting. This graduate work has been critical for Andrew’s understanding of the technical side of his clients’ business operations.

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